"We help to envision the future, and then translate that vision into reality."

Mobile Strategy

We work directly with your organization to define a mobile strategy that maps to your business goals, addresses the challenges of enterprise mobility, and promotes a successful application deployment.

Whether you want to deploy your enterprise mobile strategy on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, mobile web, or a combination of platforms, we help to address a range of mobility issues, including:

Our thorough mobile ecosystem assessment, and the strategy we work with you to define, will add efficiencies, save costs, and protect your organization from security risks.

Product Definition

Whether you have an idea for a mobile application, would like to migrate an existing application to the mobile platform, or need application for support the enterprise, New River Mobile can help.


"Design is the powerful strategic tool. We care deeply about the user experience and design drives everything we do."

Application Design

Mobile apps that actually get used are as breathtakingly beautiful as they are functional. For our clients, we blend form and function. A elegant design requires an understanding of what drives usability, functionality, accessibility and adoption.

But, it’s not all inspiration and artistry. We believe that the best designs are elegant solutions to well-defined problems. We work closely with our clients to truly understand what is important for their business. We then use that knowledge to design mobile applications that will provide a high-quality user experience.

Our design process is structured so as to generate artifacts that help you clearly visualize the finished product. This helps to effectively manage costs and ensures that you are not surprised by the end result.

Our design process, along with well-defined mobile strategy, will offer interactive, dynamic user experiences which delight your customers.


"Whether it's a single app or an enterprise solution, our development team will make your application a reality."

Application Development

Our developers possess in-depth knowledge of mobile devices and the technologies required to develop the next blockbuster mobile application or a successful mobility initiative. They bring to every client expertise in mobile platform technologies, cloud-based solutions, device management and security.

We create solutions for:

Cloud-based Enablement

We have more than twenty-five years of experience developing complex enterprise-wide IT systems that incorporate industry standard technologies. We understand legacy environments, data warehouses, analytic engines and cloud services. Whether your development needs are B2B or B2C, we can help.

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