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Thought Full, a Handshake Media Inc. product

An app to remember


Thought Full(TM) allows you to quickly capture your thoughts, and recall them at a moment's notice. Our lives are hectic, fast-paced, seemingly stuck in fast forward. We're rarely focused on one topic at a time, and when we do get a moment to pause, we can’t quite seem to remember that one thing we vowed not to forgot.

The application allows you to easily save your thoughts in the form of notes and to-do lists. Thoughts can be augmented with photos, and/or voice recordings. Thoughts can also be categorically and chronologically organized. Categories can be added and removed as needed. Previously entered thoughts can be browsed from the home screen.

The Objective: Develop the Thought Full Design

Handshake Media had internally conducted the requirements definition and design phase of the Thought Full project when they approached NRM for development support. Outputs from the previous SDLC phases were is the form of a product definition document and a set of page mockups. NRM was asked to use these artifacts as a basis for development of the product.

Handshake Media had standardized on the Appcelerator Titanium Studio and Mobile SDK for there development platform and language. It was their desire that NRM utilize these same tools to develop Thought Full. Also, Handshake Media had standardized on Basecamp for ticket tracking and Test Flight for iOS test team support. As with Titanium, it was Handshakes desire that NRM utilize these tools as well.

The Solution: Application Development with Appcelerators Titanium Studio

NRM undertook a agile approach to the development of Thought Full. We first reviewed the provided mockups and created an expanded set of mockups that provided a basic navigation flow for the app. This step was undertaken to ensure user-friendly experience. As part of this process we also mapped iOS controls to mockup items and also vetted the design against the iOS style guide to ensure that the design conformed to Apple standards and reduced the risk of rejection once submitted to the Apple store. All changes were reviewed and approved by Handshake Media prior to implementation.

Once all design artifacts were finalized, NRM undertook development in ernest. To support the desired of the client to utilize the Appcelerator products, NRM utilized the Titanium Studio IDE and Mobile SDK to develop the app. During the development cycle, alpha releases were posted to Test Fight for distribution to the test team. Defects were entered into Basecamp and assigned to the appropriate team member.

Once development was complete and all defects closed, The Thought Full code baseline was passed to Handshake Media for final compilation and submission to the Apple App Store.

The Future:

Moving forward, NRM plans to continue to work with Handshake Media to port the Thought Full app to the Android platform.

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